Winter Xtreme Dates

March 14-17

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For students traveling down to Valdez from Fairbanks,

we have two pick-up locations:


Wednesday, March 14:

From Fairbanks

We are meeting at True North Church, 2830 Airport Road parking lot.

at 7:45 am – departing 8 am.

From North Pole:

Safeway North Pole parking lot,

8:30 am


One Word, One Focus!

Since 2000, this unique winter camp has brought clarity to hundreds of youth through a consist impartation of hearing the voice of God and finding your Destiny Road!

Empowering a generation to get on that God appointed path and skip the “waisted years” is a goal we are reaching each year.

Snow hockey, sledding, dog mushing, hiking, and exploring glaciers are some of the activities at Winter Xtreme.

Relevant Workshops, Live Band Worship and Powerful nightly encounters with God make this winter camp that teens will return to year after year.

Winter Xtreme will take place in Valdez, at Faith Harbor Fellowship. To learn more about this location, visit

No Refunds Policy:
TGM is does not refund registration for camps, conferences, concerts or any event we provide. These events take a tremendous financial investment and these event costs are utilized prior to a given event. We are sorry if this inconveniences any of our participants.