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Intern Commitment

As a TGM Intern, I make the following agreement:

1. I commit to be responsive to the authorities that God has placed over me during this season of my life, including the village elders, pastors, ministers, and TGM Internship Program leaders.

2. I commit to abstain from all immoral and illegal acts and habits. I will not drink alcoholic beverages of any kind. I will not use tobacco. I will not engage in any other behavior that is contrary to Christian conduct.

3. I commit to be punctual to all meetings, teachings, gatherings, and all required events, adapting to the daily schedule provided for me by the leadership of TGM.

4. I commit to abide by all of the guidelines and standards of conduct as outlined in the TGM Internship Program and other guidelines issued in oral or written form by the TGM staff. Understanding that I understand that failure to cooperate could result in my dismissal from this program without any refund of tuition paid back.

5. I have read, understand and agree to comply with all guidelines, protocols, and requirement listed throughout this Internship information.

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