This Generation Ministries Inc. exists for the purpose of:

– Developing ministries that will bring hope to a vast array of cultures, nationalities, ages and demographics.

– Equipping leaders to develop ministries.

– Developing leaders in all aspects of ministry: discipleship, evangelism, missions, student ministries, etc.

– Networking with effective Native ministries, churches, denominations and other mission organizations to boldly propagate the hope of a resurrected Christ.

– Helping to facilitate new and existing ministries by providing resources, finances, equipment, leadership, work teams, etc.

This Generation Ministries provides preaching, teaching, mentoring and discipleship utilizing the use of relevant multi-media, music, theatrics, technological methods, etc.

TGM also provides motivational speaking, seminars, workshops and creative leadership team training.

TGM is surrounded by the indigenous First Nations People of Alaska. With this strategic placement and vantage point, we have an obvious mandate to reach the Native people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and partner with Native ministries.

TGM provides Cross Cultural Training for those who desire to minister either “short term” or “long term” to the Indigenous Native people of Alaska. Through proper protocol training, TGM can help your ministry team secure success on their missions endeavor in the Villages of Alaska. Your school, church, missions department and or work team will greatly benefit from this preparation. We desire your outreach to the lost of Alaska to be memorable as well as effective!

TGM is reaching the Native Community!

Many Alaskan churches, ministries and Christian organizations send missions teams to Mexico, not necessarily because of a “mandate” from God, but simply because it’s less expensive than reaching the Alaskan Native villages of their own state. Of the 231 federally recognized tribes and 370 villages in Alaska less than 3% know the love of Jesus. Even with this fraction of Christian influence to our indigenous people, many local organizations and ministries will leave Alaska soil to pursue the lost in a more accessible and cost effective area. We believe Alaskan Native people are well worth the investment!

Staff Bio’s

Ron Pratt

Pastor Ron Pratt is in his 4th decade of ministering to young people. His unique intensity and passion for the lost are displayed in their commitment as well as the application of their ministry to others. Discipleship is much more than a buzzword to him, it is the foundation of his focus, purpose, and destiny.

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Maria Weber

Intercessor! Evangelist! Woman of faith and faithfulness! This young lady is a power house of passion and anointing! Maria is a true miracle of God and shares her story of healing to all venues. She is a faithful prayer warrior and lives it daily. Maria is gifted at reaching young women for Jesus, and it shows in her passion for the lost and hurting. 


Clarence Goward III

Mixing video, recording music, ministering to the masses, or one on one, Clarence seems to be at home in every situation.

Clarence is driven by a passion for Jesus! He effectively uses media, music, and rap to reach this generation. His style, approach, and personality are magnetic to others, especially young people. With tremendous experience in youth ministry, Clarence uses his depth in the Word and relationship with Jesus to make an impact on this generation.

Keeley Goward

Keeley has God’s heart for discipleship and evangelism. She is a gifted public speaker and communicator. Her passion flows from the Spirit of God and stirs the hearts of many. Discipleship flows through her DNA and her heart beats for opportunities to help young people find their destiny. 


Angela Sergie

As a Native Alaskan, Angela knows how to effectively minister to her people. She also has the passion and experience to do it right. Her personal life story is a testimony of God’s power and desire to heal the heart! Angela is a mighty prayer warrior and is a powerful part of TGM! The commitment to reach the lost is a great example to all who meet her. 


Cody Pratt

Being raised in the ministry, Cody is no stranger to imparting love into this generation. His positive outlook and approach spread encouragement to those around him. Cody is a well-seasoned minister for his age, and his experience in reaching youth, both in the city and in the village is impressive.

Cody worships the Lord through his skills on the drums as well as his personal and public ministry to others. His passion for building the Kingdom of God is contagious.