“Build It And They Will Come”

That’s what we started doing in the summer of 2009 and they keep coming! Building a camp is no easy task and each construction phase has not only expanded the use of the grounds, but also created a better environment to receive more and more youth each year! Camp Nahshii annual growth continues to take place because of the Work Teams who invest their time, their sweat, their heart and their resources!

We hope you will join us for the next development phase of Camp Nahshii, and play your part in Alaskan Missions! Expanding the Vision Our ministry to this remote region started in 2003 and was motivated by the staggering rate of suicide among young people. The increase of teams, time and resources each year, eventually led us to building a camp in 2009. With a small, yet effective start, Camp Nahshii has continued to grow in facilities and numbers. The vision is to build a camp large enough to impact the youth of these surrounding 8 villages, and this is taking place as each summer goal is achieved. This growth can only be accomplished through the many Work Teams who partner with with this exciting vision.

Adventure in Missions

After travel to Alaska, our Work Teams board a much smaller plane that takes them to a village on the upper Yukon River above the Arctic Circle. From there, these construction missionaries travel by boat for 60 miles to this remote camp. Camp Nahshii is located 150 river miles from the nearest road system, and travel by boat or floatplane are the only ways to access this location.

This is no tourist trip, this is untamed bush Alaska, full of bugs, bears and a weather system that changes daily. Once a team has boots on the ground, there is a job for everyone. From clearing land, or helping in the kitchen, to digging through the permafrost, or repairing a roof, to constructing a new building, the many projects needing a Work Team is overwhelming, yet achievable if others like you join in on the dream. For a short time, our missionary guest experience the life of living off the land, eating local wild game, occasional fresh fish and great cooking from an open fire.

This is a mission field where both men and women will find a place where they can leave their finger prints on the futures of so many native youth. Praying for Partners Dreams are great and the Vision of God is amazing, but if God’s people don’t rise to the occasion nothing happens and lives remain unchanged. We have been blessed by those who caught the Vision and invested into the Dream! Work Teams who aligned their money, their talent and their time with that stirring deep in their heart!

We at TGM are praying for people just like you to partner with this Vision! To help us reach the hopeless with a message of hope! Please consider joining us by scheduling a Work Team that will help make the next phase of growth a great success!