Fuel Barrel Campaign



We at TGM have been blessed with this Bobcat Skid-Steer “on loan” for the last two summers. This equipment, with the Bucket, Forks, and Brush-Hog, has shortened the process of property expansion astronomically!
This equipment has saved thousands of man-hours and has made the working environment much safer.

However, we need to purchase this Bobcat Skid-Steer this month, or we must pay approximately $12,000 to transport it back to its owner. Through your kind donation towards this need, we would purchase this Bobcat Skid-Steer with Forks / Bucket / Brush-Hog for permanent use at this amazing summer camp. And this would forgo the costs of transporting this and any replacement equipment, transportation estimated at well over the purchase price.

You may also give by texting Bobcat to (463) 209-8635.

You may also give by texting Fuel to (463) 209-8635.

What is Your Next Destiny Step?

Following your Life Purpose will be Empowered by Heavenly Vision, and that Vision will Cost You…  And only those who step out and take a risk to chase that Vision will experience the Epic Adventure that awaits them…

We are looking for young people who are ready to take a leap of faith and make a difference.
Young men and women who are ready to venture into remote Alaska and be apart of this life changing program.
Interns who sense a calling to missions work, who want to see a generation transformed, one life at a time.
Those who are ready to embrace different cultures, wild foods, challenging environments, hard word, long days, and take on this off-the-grid geography.

What does the next step of your destiny look like?

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Teams to Alaska
This is no tourist trip, this is untamed bush Alaska, full of bugs, bears and a weather system that changes daily. Once a team has boots on the ground, there is a job for everyone. From clearing land, or helping in the kitchen, to digging through the permafrost, or repairing a roof, to constructing a new building, the many projects needing a Work Team is overwhelming, yet achievable if others like you join in on the dream. For a short time, our missionary guest experience the life of living off the land, eating local wild game, occasional fresh fish and great cooking from an open fire.

We hope you will join us for the next development phase of Camp Nahshii, and play your part in Alaskan Missions!

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