What is the Purpose of a TGM internship?

To provide individuals desiring further training in serving God’s people the opportunity to explore and experience a very unique  Alaskan Ministry through this intense program. 

What is the Summer Mission Focus?

Interns will be exposed to a variety of experiences associated with Alaskan Ministry to the indigenous people. Most of our summer ministry focus will take place in remote locations on the Yukon River in the interior of Alaska. Interns will be trained and educated in the foundations of spiritual and servant leadership. Utilize the Intern in the process of further development of Native Youth Camp.

What are some of the Potential Areas of Ministry Interns may Experience? 

Ministry to all Demographics   

Event Planning/Coordinating

Servant Leadership

Wild Life / Outdoor Training

Cross Cultural Training

Subsistence Lifestyle education


Music Ministry

Logging / Lumber Production

Alaskan Missions

Who Can Apply? 

Any young single person over 18 can apply.

We also accept applications from young married couples, as long as they both apply together and attend their TGM Internship together for the same duration of time.

What Qualifications is TGM Looking For?

Individuals who are following Christ with all their being, those who are seeking Gods direction in their life and ready to have their personal theology challenged by the Holy Spirit. Interns will need to secure personal “Medical Insurance” to cover them through the duration of their Internship with TGM.

What are the Benefits of Becoming an Intern?

Hands on experience from working with a proactive and successful Missionary Staff.

Summer Interns work closely with the Staff and President of TGM.

In-depth Alaskan training by the TGM staff & Village leaders.

Accountability and mentorship with a TGM staff & leadership.

Growth and development in your personal relationship with Jesus.

Professional and enthusiastic training by a highly skilled Leadership Team.

Epic Adventure! Our Interns leave TGM with a Missions experience like none other.

What are the Expectations of the Accepted Intern?

An open heart to the people and culture of Alaska.

Respect to the Leadership & families of TGM.

Embrace the high relational standard set by this ministry.

Keep a flexible attitude, and workable spirit. 

Good physical condition is necessary, as the summer schedule, activities and work load can be very challenging.

Hard working ethic, work hard, play hard and love unconditionally!

What Financial Guidelines Do I Need to be Aware of?

There is an online application processing fee of $25.00 (non-refundable) This processing fee is due when the application is submitted. This does not count toward “Summer Intern Tuition” expense.

Tuition expense:  The cost for the Internship Program tuition for summer students varies depending on the length of your internship:

3 to 4 Weeks
$350 per week
5 to 7 Weeks
$300 per week
8 to 10 Weeks
$250 per week
11 or more Weeks
$150 per week

Interns are responsible for the entire cost. Raising support for tuition is an option the intern can independently pursue. Our Staff is available in assisting you in this process if you so choose.

Summer Internship Tuition Payment Schedule:

1st Deposit: The 1st Payment of 50% must be received by the TGM office 30 days prior to your Alaska arrival date.

2nd Deposit: The remanding 50% must be received by our office no later than your arrival day.

The payment(s) can be mailed to the TGM office or paid online  (www.tgmalaska.com)

Financial Protocol:

Any outstanding account will result in the Intern being dropped from the program.

If an Intern shows any issue with adapting to the standards set, cultural protocols or authority established, that Intern will be removed from the program at their own expense.

In the event that an Intern is unable to participate in the Internship, Program, or for any reason needs to exit their time commitment early, the funds will be used to subsidize the Internship Program at the discretion of TGM. No refunds will be issued at any time or for any reason.

Why does TGM Charge its Interns when some Ministries are Free?

The cost of living in the City and Rural areas of Alaska is 40% to 50% higher than the lower 48 states. In bush Alaska, these figures climb astronomically. A gallon of milk in a village can exceed $30, a small watermelon can bring upwards of $40… each! With food and supplies retailing for unimaginable prices, fuel remains our biggest cost and challenge. If fuel can found in a remote village, eight to ten dollars per gallon of gas is a common price we pay. That is the price at the pump, but it will cost us two to three dollars per gallon to transport it to the needed ministry location.

We do not “make income” from your tuition, it helps to subsidize your summer expenses & travel. We spend hundreds more on each Intern then the Summer Internship Tuition actually provides.

The cost of ministry in this State may be considerably higher than most places you may travel on the planet, but we believe that these lost and hurting people of Alaska are worth every dollar spent!