We have a new family working with This Generation Ministries, the Langers, from Branson, Missouri. Here is greeting from them.

Hello, family and friends! What an amazing time to be able to partner with such a wonderful ministry. This Generation Ministries had our hearts at hello! We thank God over and over for the opportunity to meet the TGM family and be welcomed with open arms to serve God with them.

We are still reaching people all over the state and the world even in this time of social distancing. Thank you God for the internet and all of the online sources to share your gospel. Yes, there has been a learning curve with Stacey and Technology BUT, we are seeing salvations, rededications and prayer requests coming through as we are willing to step out of
our comfort zones and reach the world through any format God provides.

Also, we are very excited to share our story with you. This story is how God takes our five YEAR plan and turns it into eighteen MONTHS… Yes, I said eighteen… We planned for SIXTY and God said EIGHTEEN!

Pastors Ron and Yolanda Pratt along with their children came to the church we were attending in Branson, MO. and shared their testimonies and ministries of how God was working through them for suicide prevention, salvations and telling all who would listen, how REAL God is, and
the relationship and compassion of God. They talked about winter camps, summer camps, ministries in villages and ministry even in their local community. I have personally witnessed and had the privilege of praying for people of many different ages and cultures in Wal-Mart, Grocery
Stores, Dr.’s Office and the list goes on because this family knows God and won’t stop until they have fulfilled their call of telling everyone who has an ear, GOD’S NOT DEAD! There is oh so much we could say about that but we will save that for another time.

Who are we? We are all S’s! Stewart, Stacey, Simeon, Stephen and Seth Langer! We are a family who has sought after God for what He really wants us to do instead of us working for the American Dream and fitting God into our schedules after all the bills are paid. We (Stewart and Stacey) were at the top of our careers, and found ourselves miserable inside.

It wasn’t until Stewart made his first trip to Camp Nahshii that we were able to define our hunger as a desire to please God. Even then we never felt like we could do enough. Stewart was working a full-time job, singing on the praise team, running sound and media, security and anything else Pastor needed and Stacey also working a full-time job and Children’s Pastor, singing on the praise team and playing piano. We seemed to be doing all the right things BUT there was a GIANT hole in our hearts.

Our three sons, yes THREE BOYS, were born into a family who were saved, and had the right intentions but were running chaotic circles to make sure we got “everything in”. Made it to school (check), Made it to sports practices and games (check), made it to Band or Choir (check), Made it to work (check) and oh yeah, made it to church (check). We can share by
our experience that an individual can truly only serve one master and if you choose to serve God, all of those stories you learn in Sunday School, Sermons you have heard about faith and taking action, and diving into the word of God are so very real and God is waiting for you to step out of your comfort zone and take that first step so He can reveal Himself and prove He will do what He said He would do.

We had put a fleece out before God after Stacey returned from her first trip to Camp Nahshii where God had confirmed Branson was a stepping stone for what was to come and Alaska was we were supposed to be. We told God our house, car and boat needed to sell and that we needed jobs and then we would take to the open road like nobody’s business. We prayed that prayer for fifteen months and honestly sometimes it hurt in our hearts so bad to say the words, we would just pray in tongues until we felt God comfort us.

Finally, one evening in early April 2019, we had a time of prayer, just Stewart and me, Stacey. I felt an urgency from the Holy Spirit and God asked me, “BUT WILL YOU GO FOR ME?” Heartbroken and scared beyond
measure I looked at my husband and said, “I know you are going to think I’m crazy but job or no job, house sold or not, money or no money we have to pack our bags and go to Alaska”. It was so incredibly humbling and comforting to hear Stewart say “ I’m so glad you said that, I have
been sitting here trying to figure out how to tell you without you thinking I’m crazy!”

The amount of physical, spiritual and financial MIRACLES that happened all the way, the 4,000 miles to North Pole Alaska are too numerous to spell out today, BUT please know God has NEVER FAILED US and GOD NEVER WILL. We have experienced a lot of humbling things along the way but when times are tough or we fear not having enough God ALWAYS PROVIDES. Sometimes, while praising God or just saying a prayer of Thanksgiving, something will pop into our head that we would like to give to someone, or a talent or knowledge of something we could have to help someone and even without asking, God gives us that gift and it is even more special. When God moves in areas we didn’t even ask, we know it is His way of reminding us how much he loves us.

We look forward to serving This Generation Ministries and have no expiration date, no exit plan, we have faced mountains and have had every reason to quit and go back to Missouri but why would we do that and deny God of every miracle and every blessing He gave just so we could
be here. Satan would like nothing more than for all of us to quit, WE SAY NO! It is our JOY to share the gospel with the people of Alaska with This Generation Ministries and we look forward to serving until Jesus comes!

Joy and Blessings to all of you,
The Langer’s